Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey. Turkey? Turkey!

    I know it is a few days early for Thanksgiving. However, like most of you, I have plans on Thanksgiving. So, with that being said, I spent some time putting together a special treat! I modeled a cartoon turkey. It's not the best thing in the world but I'm proud of it. There are many elements to this model. It is my first model with several separate parts that all became meshed together as one to form the final product. I've got several screen shots of the scene setup and post modeling. Next model I will take more screen shots of the actual process of modeling. The only reason I didn't do it this time is because my modeling process (currently) is utter chaos. I mean, literally, chaos. I'm just clicking and dragging like a retard using Photoshop. It's tragic. All kidding aside, I really enjoy making models, even if they are not the best quality. So without further procrastination, here is a sneak peak... "behind the scenes" sort of picture.

     In this picture you can see all the elements I used to create the final project that you will see later. There are several different light sources to reduce shadows. Eventually I will figure out how to do that right, but for now, it looks pretty good. You can see the ground without it's terrible texture. I'm still learning to do that. I wanted to have some new effect other then the standard "plain green" ya know? I tried, ha ha. In the next picture you can see what the scene looks like through the camera used for the final render.

     This picture has everything that you will see in the final render, except for the shadows and textures. There is a way to see the textures as you are working on the scene, however, I'm not sure how to do that yet. You can also see the work area that I use in Blender. It is just the default setup with a little more space for the right side menu. The next picture is the render through the Blender view port.

     Here is the render! It was so much fun working on this project. I really enjoy the cartoon style modeling. The reason I am posting this to my game development blog is because this is the art style that I am really interested in using for my first game. Granted, the quality will be better the more I practice with silly stuff like this. Like Dimenser suggested in the comments suggestion of a previous post, the bright colors will hopefully make the game more appealing overall. I am making this game for myself. If others like it then that is fantastic! But, let's be honest here. Ultimately, at the end of the day. I made it for me. Later down the road, if I actually show some skill... I might work on making a game for the masses. So I will leave this post with one final picture. The full render of this silly little turkey that I truly enjoyed creating. I hope you like it too! As always, please leave a comment with your thoughts (love or hate, just don't be a dick!) and suggestions.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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