Monday, November 19, 2012

Trial FPS working!

  I'd like to just start this out by saying...
       I got my first (piece of shit) FPS working! The character responds to mouse movements, "wads" movement, and a "fire" button. The bullets fire from the gun, however, they drop down shortly afterwards. I still need to figure that out. Not bad for an absolute beginner. Here are some screen shots, not much but progress is progress.

     This is a shot of the game from outside the players view. You can see the "cube", which is the player. The transparent triangle is the camera, your eyes in the game. You can also see the logic bricks used, though without the defining characteristics displayed as I have them closed.

     This is an in-game shot, from the camera view. Nothing special, but hey... it works! Sorry for the short entry, I'll post more later.



  1. You could make your own Minecraft and be a zillionaire

    1. I would be happy just to take donations for my first game!