Monday, November 26, 2012

Moving along, at a snails pace...

     How was every one's Thanksgiving? I took a bit of a break for the holiday. Today, however, I'm back at it. I spent a few hours tonight modeling and I think I've made some progress from the terrible turkey in the last post. Though, he still has a special spot in my heart. This little guy was so much fun to model! I found the reference picture off of Google Images. I've got a few screen shots to post here. One taken as I'm about to finish up with the snail and the other is the finished render.

     I have not quite figured out the whole texturing thing yet. Soon! I hope... I've got a bunch of tutorials and YouTube videos lined up for that. I know this model is very cartoon-ish, but that is how my game is going to look. I figured if I model in that style then I will become better with it and the game will look better. In theory that works, HA! If you have any suggestions please post a comment, I would love to hear some feedback. Please keep it constructive though. Tomorrow I will be posting about my plan for the game. Everything from style to story. The ideas are still forming as I continue to learn so they are subject to change. Until then, enjoy my silly little snail!

     - Eric

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