Friday, November 16, 2012

Starting my journey.

     This is going to serve as a journal of sorts as I progress through the world of game design. I have no prior knowledge of the field and will be attempting to learn it all throughout the process. Wish me luck! Ha! For starters I decided to gather the software I would be needing to get started. I'm going with open source because, fuck paying for software! I don't recommend stealing software, there are some very wonderful open source programs available to the public. For starters, how about a 3D modeling program complete with it's very own game engine? Blender! It is amazing! There is so much information out there on Blender. YouTube has some amazing tutorials and videos of people modeling damn near anything. These two sites have helped me out greatly: Blender Guru & CGCookie. The Blender foundation website has some great links to other tutorials as well. Now, those wonderful 3D models will be needing some textures and colors. Look no further... G.I.M.P.. Your one stop shop for all things graphical! It is basically Photoshop, without the massive price. As far as music and sound effects go, I'm looking into that but it seems that Audacity is the way to go.
   Currently, I am practicing with Blender. I found a few "orthos" images to mess with. "Orthos" images are just images with multi-views, i.e. side view and front view. I'm going to be spending most of my free time working with Blender and Gimp to learn both programs. I've got a pretty good handle on Gimp currently, though I am by no means an expert!
My first real attempt at modeling, you know... after figuring out how to navigate Blender
     I'll keep working on this some more and show you my final render eventually! Also, I'll be using this blog to post my game ideas as well as some concepts from my artists and story writers. I've got some friends looking to contribute to this project later on down the line, lucky me! Oh, I might also post some bullshit rants and raves from time to time.


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