Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fun with a test game.

    Finished my first model, it looks about as good as can be expected from a novice designer. However, I was quite impressed with how the hands turned out. I wasn't sure how they would work out. While modeling the hands they were very block-y. I added a subdivision surface modifier and then added smooth shading. You can see the characters chest has a bit of a dent, still working on trying to fix that.
Close up of the hands.
     I started looking into making start menu screens. It is my first time using the camera to build around. The process is not like regular modeling where you just sculpt it and then worry about the lighting and camera positioning. When creating screens (title, pause, game over) everything needs to be lit and built around how the camera will see it. Here's my first try at it:
Not a real game, just trying out start menus.
     Today I learned of a program called Tree[D]. It is really amazing! I watched a few YouTube video tutorials on it. Tree[D] is used to create realistic looking trees for 3d modeling. You build the tree in the program and then export it as a .obj file. You have to do some tweaking once the tree is placed into Blender. All the leaves are turned into planes, however, with a few clicks you can turn those back into leaves using the textures provided by Tree[D]. I'll play around with that some time and figure out how to do it.
    My project for the next few days will be trying to model a house for my very first game asset. I'm torn between Victorian style and steam punk... I think both would be great fun. Comments, help me decide which would be best!



  1. I would say whichever one would be more visually appealing, bright, and colorful. Games that have been drab and dull colorwise do not usually last too long, regardless of how realistic.

    1. Thanks for the input Dim! I agree completely, I was wanting to do more cartoon then realistic. Not like overly cartoon-y, kinda like World of Warcraft style. If that makes any sense.