Friday, November 30, 2012

"Pinning" a great tutorial!

    I was recently informed about a 63 part tutorial series that covered everything (almost everything) Blender has to offer. I would like to thank arashi256, their link was wonderful! It really helped me solve some modeling issues I've come across. I'm not finished with the series yet... I'm on part 54 I believe, so I'm currently learning how to unwrap UV's and create textures. Here is a link to the free and wonderful tutorial! Please check it out when you get a chance. The creator did a wonderful job with the layout of the series, as well as giving multitudes of information without going off on tangents. I know this isn't much to look at but the geometry on this model is soooo much better then anything I've done to date.

     There is no background for the push pin, sorry! This is my first model that doesn't have weird seams and internal geometry. It is very basic but, it works! I am really wanting to follow the tutorial after I watch it all the way through. The silly banana-man character looks like it could be fun to animate and play around with.

     Game news update! I've got a small concept going and am currently looking for a way to organize all the thoughts and ideas associated with a project. Does anyone have any suggestions? What should I use to organize and keep together all this junk in my head?!

     Anyways, more modeling to do tonight! I'm very excited to get some more complex models finished so I can have some stuff to texture and rig later on. I've got a cool looking robot mostly modeled, however, I think I want to go back and redo him. Using my new understanding of modeling I think I can make him way better! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


  1. put it on paper. quick. and make animatics. like a boss.

    1. Ha! Thank you. I figured that would be the most basic of resources. Likely the best though, eh?