Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking flight.

     Today I decided to work on sky domes. It was relatively simple, the hardest part was finding a good "sky". That's where good ole Google Images came into play. I found a decent one to use. I started off by creating a sphere mesh and then removing the bottom half. Then, adding in a plane to create the ground, I slowly moved the two together so there were no gaps. I added the sky texture to the sphere and then flipped the normal's  creating a dome over the scene which contained the sky and the ground. I then placed a lamp and a camera inside the dome and started working on the grass particles. To break up the ground a bit I used the displacement modifier and then smoothed it out quite a bit. To further break up the ground I created another plane in a different work space. I then subdivided it and smoothed it out. Once again, using the displacement modifier, I created a nice jagged rock. Adjusting the material and texture, so it has some depth, then sub surfacing the rock to smooth it out further. Then it was just a matter of moving it to the first work space and sizing it to fit the scene. I decided I wanted to try to add something else to the scene to make it fun. So I headed over to Blend Swap and found a nice bird made by Spirit. All credit for the bird goes to him. All I did was re-size and move him. All these things combined made this fun little scene for me. Please, if you have any suggestions please feel free to offer them!

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