Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Local company logo

     As a side job, I recently took a request to do a logo. This is the first logo I've done and the client was really happy with it! Here is the logo that I was given.

     It's pretty good, the tribal fire on the bottom is asymmetrical, which I was asked to fix. I started out by setting up a plane with a mirror modifier on it. Once I got all the parts laid out except the head area, I went ahead and applied the modifier. Then, I got the head mapped out. Now that all the parts are in place, I added material and texture to them. I set up the materials and textures to mimic that of metal that had been painted with a semi gloss. In other words, a little shine with bright colors.

     Here is the result of that work, it's completely flat and it is rather dark as I only have a single lamp on it. From here, what I did was thicken the logo. From flat to about the thickness of it's body section there, roughly. I took a metal floor texture from CG Textures, which if you have not already done so, sign up! It is all licensed resources you can use. I added a very bright light and a displacement modifier onto the new textured floor to create this.

     Now it was time for the finishing touches. I adjusted the shadows that the light throws. There were a bit harsh and too perfect here. So I changed the number of samples and adjusted the softness. Then, to me, the floor seemed a bit to flat, too much like a picture. So I adjusted the displacement modifier to make it seem more like a metal floor with raised sections. The final render turned out better then I expected.

     The floor looks like it is actually there and not just a picture. The shadow looks like it could have actually been cast by this logo and the metal is reflective and distorted enough to be believable. If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them!


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