Thursday, March 7, 2013

Modern Gods

     My second logo job. Doing this one for free, well mostly. I get to use some of their music later on for animations/games. Their name, Modern Gods. Check them out! They sent me some ideas and their current logo. My goal here was to spice it up a bit.

     So I took the background logo there and created it in a 3d environment. Then using a Boolean modifier, I cut it out of a plane. I then created the text, using a different font. Gave it some depth and beveled the edges a bit. I made the material and texture for the text so that it would reflect the foreground while letting a tiny bit of color through from the back ground.

     You can see in the above screen shot that there is a white plane hovering just above the camera. That plane is an emitter, which is what the text is reflecting back into the camera. The light in the background behind the black plane is going to be the source of the "god beams" or streaked light coming through the logo. 

     Their old logo was great, this one just pops a bit more. You can see the two lighter stripes on the text. Those are reflections from the plane that I had set up above the camera. I rotated it a bit and added a second plane for more effect. To get the light to shine through like this took a bit of settings manipulation. Once I found the right mixture it was just small tweaks to keep it from being over powering or way too blurry. 

     This item wasn't part of their request, but, I couldn't help myself. I just really wanted to animate a logo. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Some of it was pure accident but it works non-the-less.


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