Thursday, December 13, 2012

Working my assets off on Kickstarter!

    I'd like to start off by saying, everyone needs to go to Kickstarter. It is an amazing website where artists can go, create a project, describe what they want to do in said project, and then get money towards it. I'm working on my project there now. You really need to have your shit together to make your project attractive to potential backers. I've got a few pictures of whats about to go up on my Kickstarter account.

     I've set a release goal for my platform game, Roundy's Adventure. I've got almost all the pieces figured out now. Just need to get them entered into Kickstarter and this blog. That is actually the cover picture to my project. I'll be working on a video for it soon, I'm thinking the whole video for Roundy's Adventure will be animated. Maybe have Roundy holding up signs instead of talking... err, well... Maybe kicking signs at the camera, duh... no hands.

     I just realized that I have not posted a render of Roundy. So, here ya go. The main character in all his glory. I'll be adding 1 more armature bone into his foot to get rid of the rigidity there, as per advice from Reddit. Other then that though, I feel like Roundy is a ready and waiting asset for the game.

     Here is one of the bad guys I've been working on for the game. His name is.... wait for it... Spikey. He is an spike-armored eyeball out to destroy Roundy. He is wearing armor all the way down to his knees, which are exposed. His combat boots are laced tight and he is ready to poke Roundy right in his un-guarded eye. You can tell he is evil... he has a beady red eye. I guess it is kind of obvious at this point in time where I am going with this game...

     Here is a better picture of Spikey. I really like this bad guy, he was fun to make. I'm thinking of having a few other bad guys as well. Spikey will be kind of slow moving since he has all that armor on. Spikey will be present the majority of the time as you progress through the levels. I'm thinking about making him a following type bad guy instead of a basic repeated path bad guy.

     They eye drops bottle...The ultimate goal of this platform game. Roundy needs to reach the eye dropper bottle before time runs out and he dries up! Ben Stein would be proud. If Roundy doesn't beat the timer then the game will start over. That's right... the game, not the level. It is a frustrating challenge. But, I'm hoping it will be fun all the same. Please feel free to comment with suggestions or advice!



  1. Suddenly that Visine commercial is stuck in my head with Ben Stein's voice going, "dry red eyes? bueller? bueller?"