Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eye had a really great idea.

     Well, I felt it was time to start seriously working on my first game. Something that I can make some progress on and gain knowledge along the way. Now, this is not replacing my game that I have mentioned several times here. That game is an on going work in progress that I will be working on intermittently. This game, however, is the next logical step in my learning process. So, a little about the game. I'm going to start working on a platform game. It is very basic, but, it will get me going on game design in general. The first step, for me anyways, was to come up with a character that is interesting but very simple.

     This is the very first concept I came up with for the platform game. I liked how simple he was but something just wasn't cutting it. Maybe if I added some hair or something to him... Not sure, either way I didn't like him. I took the screen shot and deleted him.

     This guy, officially named Roundy, is what I am going to use for the main character. This is just the start of him, as you can see... he has no feet. At this point in time, I was deciding if I wanted to do hands as feet or shoes.

    Here is Roundy with some shoes. I gave him some "dressy" shoes. I modeled him without a reference photo, so that's a first for me! His "legs" are designed after baby arms. Short and stocky. The whole model is done with the single mesh process that I learned not too long ago.

     In this image I am adding an armature. The armature will allow me to pose and animate Roundy. I started working on a walk cycle. I'll post a video of the trial. It's nothing special but it is progress. I'm very excited to do some more work on this game. I might distribute the file when it is done. For now though, I give you Roundy walk cycle test.

     For those of you who are interested, here is the video on YouTube. Check it out and subscribe, this is where I will be posting all of the videos related to this blog. As always, please feel free to offer advice and feedback.


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