Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feeling a bit animated

     So, taking the advice that I received from the Reddit Blender Community and Youtube... I made a much better, in my opinion, video demonstration of the walk cycle. I did a little bit of research using the Blender Manual. Go there, check it out! It has everything, well damn near everything. So instead of having to animate 600+ frames, I gave the dope sheet a try. The dope sheet is a very interesting tool. It is basically an overview of everything going on in your scene. Using the dope sheet, I was able to animate only 40 frames and then copy/paste the other 600-ish required to do a full circle around the character with the camera. I used a technique that I heard about called "pose to pose" animating. Basically you set up the "main" poses that you have story boarded. for instance, I used this...

     I found this off of Google Images, once again, I claim no ownership. I just used it as a reference. I created the the 5 poses and then slowly edited the transitional frames afterwards. It makes for a really smooth animation. Now there is a shortcut in Blender that allows you to copy a post (ctrl + c) and then past the mirror of that later on (ctrl + shift + v), however, there is something wrong with the way I did the armature that didn't allow that to work. I ended up having to animate the full walk cycle instead of only half. No big deal, just time... I really like using this reference, it shows you roughly when to raise and lower your model to fit normal motion. I really need to sit down and watch some animation tutorials, once I learn the basics I can start working on setting up the platform game.
     The platform game is going to be jump based game. For example, you will have some terrain, and you have to jump over bad guys that can harm you and also jump up onto other platforms. The idea behind it is to get to the key and unlock the door to the next level. This is going to be a fun game to make as it will present me with many challenges to over come in my quest to learn Blender and game design in general.

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