Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kickstarter, all or nothing!

    Well the time has come. Having a month of serious Blender focus and several months of goofing off with it, it is time to take on a project. I've already done some work on Roundy's Adventure, so it's time for that work to be put together into a Kickstarter project. I've been working on setting up the project for a few days on and off. I have already met/completed all the requirements, and I'm well on my way to having a very nice project set up. So with all that said, I present to you... Roundy's Adventure Teaser Videos!

     A short little video compiling everything that is done up to this point. Most of the material is going to look familiar, as it has been published piece by piece here on my blog. This video is what I'm submitting as my project video on Kickstarter. I'll post a link to the project after it goes through the evaluation process. Once that occurs the project is ready to accept backers. Each backer then picks a price level and gets rewards when the game is released. Each backer will get a copy of the game, regardless of price point purchased.
     This is a short blog post, mostly to promote the new video and to post about progress being made. The first level of Roundy's Adventure is half way finished! I added some pitfalls, similar to Mario Brothers, which will reset you to the beginning. The game is harsh like that, but, I feel like it is more rewarding to complete it in one go... instead of dying and starting right back where you left off. I'll snag some screen shots of the first level as I work on it for the next post. I can talk about how it was created and what the geometry looks like right now. Till then, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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