Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ralph! ... an update.

    So, this is just a few more pictures of the alien from yesterday. Started working on smoothing him out and adding boots. I am going to work on real textures after I finish modeling him. I added some color just for fun, it also makes the pictures a bit more interesting.

     Here is an orthographic side view and a left perspective view. You can see the eyes that were added and colored. The eyes were extruded inwards from the face which gave them a bit of depth. Later on, I want to add brow ridges and a mouth. Maybe some tiny nostrils. The side view is kind of interesting in my opinion, because you can see how his body balances (for the most part).

     On the right, you have a right perspective view. This lets you see the little "boot laces" that I added for fun. You can also see the rubber sole of the boot as it overlaps the edge of the boot a little. I still need to work on shaping the boot a little bit. On the left, is the first render with some terrible lighting. I fixed the lighting a little bit in the next render, but I feel like it is still lacking quite a bit. Anyone have any tips or tricks or good tutorials for lighting?

     Here is the render with "better" lighting. It is still horrible but it is not as dark. I need to take the specular down a bit, way too much glare. On the right you can see the little temp scene I have set up to render with. Nothing much... just a lamp, camera, and Ralph.

     In this screen capture I am showing Ralph off in two different orthographic views. I'm kind of proud of this little guy. I cannot wait to rig and animate him after I give him a custom texture. I'm going to be working on the hands and other fine detail over the next few posts. I'll take some up-close screen shots of the process. As always, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them. I would love some advice and feedback!

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