Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reviving the past.

     It's been over a year. My life has changed a lot this last year. It's all been good, great even. I married my best friend, the most amazing and beautiful woman I've ever met in my life. We are in a very nice house, in a great neighborhood. I just got hired on at a local game studio doing quality assurance. Due to NDA I will not discuss anything from there on here, I will however, discuss a project that had it's official start date last night. The project is so new and ground level that there isn't even a name for it yet, or code name even. Yet, it exists, on the pages of Patch's notebook. Patch and I got together last night and started bashing out some details of a game that we had been discussing for a while. I will be posting some teasers of assets we create and some of the drawings that come from our meetings. Until more things are ironed out, that's all you get. We are aiming for pc release, no date yet, and if it is well liked... we will port it to mobile. This project will be at our leisure, after all we both have lives outside of this project. We will be building in Unity3d and modeling in Blender. I'm going to be getting my office set up and ready to start working this weekend on some prototypes, for the assets anyways. Maybe I'll sneak some up on here. 'Till then, I'm happy... it's alive!


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