Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shift in focus.

     So, with the lack of interest in a platform game... I'm going to re-devote myself to learning all things game design with a focus on modeling and animation in Blender for the time being. That is where I have to most fun. I think that, maybe, I jumped ahead of myself. I got myself all worked up and excited to start on a game and then was let down by the underwhelming response. Though, looking back, I shouldn't care what happened as it was a project for me (and if it got good reviews, well that is great too). However, it kind of stopped being fun for a bit.
     Now taking a month break and realizing that there is still tons of stuff that I can learn and work on, it gives me new motivation to continue with this blog and with my dream. This blog is still devoted to learning game design, as is my YouTube channel. However, you might see some fun projects sprinkled throughout. Now, with that being said...



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